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PHP - Pre-hypertext programming gotten off the ground in the mid 90's  by Rasmus Lerdorf.

See www.php.net for more information

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimization is not always easy to manage. First off PNG is not one format but five different formats (see table) Bit depth per channel 1 2 4 8 16 Number of channels inde...
Created 06/08/09
Previously i wrote an article breaking down the Openid process into logical steps which a developer could use to understand the process.Today i started working with Oauth, but its so simple i'm just going to post the code, which i'm using to get the ...
Created 09/06/09
I was wondering if passing-by-reference was quicker, because memory was not being duplicated. Answer: No, its not for this little test. Passby-reference took 5.5 seconds, compared to 4.1 seconds without. {{{
Created 01/04/09
Understanding pack and the bitwise php operators. This article has spurned off my previous article on comunicating binary data for DNS. As a webdeveloper i can use use extensions to send and recieve most binary data. Albeit i've only recently hit a ...
Created 31/03/09
Call me nuts but i want to create my own DNS Server (pardon the tautology) using PHP. A Domain Name Server Server fundamentally resolves a domain name into IP addresses. Whilst the DNS protocol has been addressed painfully innumerably since the da...
Created 09/03/09
Paypal express checkout simplification. The examples i've seen failed to capture the essence of the communication, or atleast, did so with a lot of cruft. I think this is the best way of testing / describing the connections with the PayPal API. Y...
Created 27/01/09
Profiling PHP scripts is a good way to waste the hours to grab milliseconds back. Face it if you're scaling your app for a million users and you haven't got a tenth of that then the challenge isn't coding really... is it. But hell its fun so i...
Created 10/12/08
Find and replace unwanted methods
Created 13/11/08
Whats all this about then. Exception handling littering script and confusing the logic of my script?
Created 17/10/08
Gears API, extends browser functions, with some features of the modern desktop. Here i've used methods to allow simultaneous multiple selection of files. Posting with the gears.httprequest method and reading the data at my server with PHP.
Created 23/09/08
Looking at some code i thought it's about time for a rant something.. So avoid globals in functions as they're fraught with woe!
Created 19/09/08
This is a development project FWIW. To call a PHP script to handle incoming mail messages. This is an alternative to user/account specific MTA like Sendmail or Postfix.
Created 26/08/08
Here's what we want to achieve. Take the front cover of our brochure and a background image. Rotate the cover and merge to the background. [/500_cover.jpg:122px:138px] + [/502_rotate_background.jpg:150px:137px] = [/501_rotate_merged.jpg:147px:135p...
Created 28/07/08
PHP OOP class overload. Bug found with appending entries to an undefined array
Created 23/07/08
Match source code STRINGS
Created 17/07/08
Show difference between two html documents.
Created 01/07/08
Whats in and whats out in the forthcoming release of PHP version 6. Read the rules for updating your code.
Created 15/05/08
Detect whether a PHP script is already running.
Created 12/05/08
html_substr If you want to reduce a string but, substr, cuts html elements in half and the actual visible text never appears of the same length then we cut the string we need to not count the parts in html tags. This function does exactly that.
Created 16/04/08
PHP MVC information shema and auto form builder
Created 20/03/08
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