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Today my colleague was set with an annoying task of . ''"Get the top ten products from each year of the last five... oh, and:  you have to do it in '''one '''query''" I dispise such statements devoid of reason. Too many cooks - i feel. MySQL doe...
Created 09/12/08
Floats found to not match, when using a SQL condition "flo_field = 123" which doesn't match whilst "flo_field LIKE 123" does.
Created 24/10/08
Control replication for parts of the the database and for others allow it to be manually pushed.
Created 01/08/08
Count the number of records is not a stored value in Innodb. To calculate it e.g. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM innodb_table results in a full table scan. Therefore is rather slow. Here are some alternatives to the above query.
Created 17/06/08
When reset master reset slave does not do it.
Created 18/04/08
BASH script to display the differences between MySQL servers. This is useful if you think some of your replication data might be missing.
Created 10/04/08
BASH script check to see the status of a MySQL slave returns true if the slave is down
Created 09/04/08
Synchronise mysql on a windows Dev environment with contents from another source
Created 27/02/08
Restore slave servers from the master. This uses the mysqldump method and reads the extracted contents into a remote mysql server using the -h command to specify the location of the remote server. The script copies only the databases which the sl...
Created 27/02/08
Loading data into a table using LOAD DATA ===Syntax=== {{{ LOAD DATA [LOW_PRIORITY | CONCURRENT] [LOCAL] INFILE 'file_name.txt' [REPLACE | IGNORE] INTO TABLE tbl_name [FIELDS [TERMINATED BY '\t'] [[OPTIONALLY] ENC...
Created 28/04/07
Fulltext is the cream in my coffee, it can make very fast and accurate text searches on varchar() and text() and i believe tinytext() and char() but havent's checked fields, of a MyISAM table ===Setting up process=== The configuration of the full...
Created 28/04/07
{{{ GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON condem.* TO 'matt'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'matt' }}}
Created 28/04/07
Preface I want to be able to duplicate data between two servers. One server is additionally a webserver and the other additionaly updates the data. The idea is that i hope to be able to reduce the proccessing overhead on the webserver. I could rec...
Created 28/04/07
I ran the function {{{top}}} on my linux server today. The results were worrying. The mysql service mysqld was frequently maxing out the CPU at 99.9%. The site is receiving several thousand unique visitors who total up over 100'000 hits to the data...
Created 28/04/07
I got really excited when, earlier this week MySQL released version 5.0 as their new flag ship database product. After seemingly decades of being in beta phase. Its arrived! I tested their beta version on windows a few months ago, and encountered...
Created 28/04/07
Here is a dataset containing information about UK postcodes placenames grid references You will need to uncompress the file geouk tar and load quot backup geouk sql quot into your database via the administrator tool mysqlbinmysql shell Command Line shell
Created 28/04/07

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