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A lightweight extreme simple MTA is SSMTP. Which is a great alternative to sendmail. And is perfect if you dont need to recieve emails using sendmail either.
Created 30/09/08
Its always the way, either know something implicitly, or dont know it. This is how i feel about SendMail. urgghhh. Partly because i cant find a simple guide of 'How to mail'. So anyway this is what i want to achieve, my goals, as it were, of a ma...
Created 28/04/07
Setup a sendmail email client to use a particular mail exchange ensure sendmail.mc has the following lines. ''/etc/mail/sendmail.mc '' {{{ ... define(`SMART_HOST',`mailservers.mydomain.com')dnl MASQUERADE_AS(`myothersite.com')dnl FEATURE(ma...
Created 28/04/07

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