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JavaScript and Styling

I've seen scroll tabs before and they scroll the content as you click on a different tab. This is more like copying the default behavior of the browser tabs. Demo window.onload = (function(){ // Enable or leave the keys $('.slider').each(...
Created 20/09/09
Today i was ""reading someone else's article"" which pointed me to the workings of rotation in CSS. Which seems to be supported by a good spread of browsers.IE5.5+, FF3.5, Webkit A smidgin of CSS.example-date .year{ -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg...
Created 30/07/09
In a previous article i wrote about the creating a text editor. One of the core features of the editor was a standardized text selector.For example, IE uses ''window.selection.createRange(), ''whilst the other browsers use ''window.getSelection(). ''...
Created 28/05/09
I'm a long time adopter of the FCKeditor javascript WYSIWYG editor. But i'm a bit impatient waiting for it to load, upto 15 seconds off a snail server... and more recently i've learnt how it works.This document shows how we can all create our own tex...
Created 30/04/09
Vertically expand textarea to the right number of rows as you type. To avoid those nasty scrollbars.
Created 27/11/08
Base64 encoded images
Created 02/11/08
Sign out? Usually gets a URL all to itself. But why? whats the point in creating another hit to know that someones logging out when all you really need to do is reset their cookies.
Created 28/10/08
Namespacing in javascript seems to be the consensus of many developers. To quickly update existing code and protecting the funcions within we can wrap them in an anonymous function like so... {{{ (function(){ ... original code ... }() }}} ...
Created 15/10/08
Lambda functions and closures are a useful to create functions which inherit properties of their parents at a particular instance... eek!
Created 14/10/08
Load multiple onload events
Created 22/04/08
Google maps example window.onload=function () { if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) { map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map_canvas")); map.setCenter(new GLatLng(51.559624,-0.161877), 13); map.addControl(new GL...
Created 22/04/08
Being a geek of sorts (the cool type with the low hung jeans, and huge headphones albeit staying in writing an article on probably the last sunniest day of the year, and the day of the Notting Hill Carnival). I've stumbled upon a brilliant remote j...
Created 28/04/07
var oCtrl var prop try for oCtrl in document this document writeln oCtrl for prop in eval document oCtrl this document writeln prop catch everything alert error found
Created 28/04/07
Nodoubts this is something everyone else knew but i just discovered The little fact that multiple CSS class es can be used on a single markup e g The red text is the effects of the class redtext the yellow background is a product of yellowbg etc html yell
Created 28/04/07
Problem In Mozzila its possible to set the {{{:hover}}} event for any element in the document, alas IE the event only works for anchor tags 'A'. I've now found what appears to be the perfect fix. ==Solution== This is pretty cool and shouldn't eff...
Created 28/04/07
Problem Floating nested divs may popout outside of the element they are contained within this is not a browser bug And is so for wrapping text around images and quotes and other elements like a newspaper However more often i d like it nested div s to appe
Created 28/04/07

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