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Data security is fraught with nomenclatures like Munging and PCI DSS, etc... This article lists some of the technical payment processing jargon and buzz words at my disposal. For the PayPal exam so i can use this logo... .. real...
Created 15/04/09
As a security measure we dont want users to upload scripts which can be executed. I haven't found many solutions open to tackling this problem. Chmod only works on linux.
Created 20/11/08
This [http://www.unlocksearch.com/ Dodgy fake company] Unlocksearch.com took payment from me without providing me with the service i thought i was paying for. And i've failed to get a response from the company. On Tuesday evening i responded to t...
Created 17/10/08
Character sets and bytes and unicode have always been a grey area for many developers apparently... I'm no exception.
Created 21/09/08
Ever wanted i.am.god.at.somedomain.com? yeah me too! If you have registered a domain you can point it to any nameserver you like. I registered 'perplexed.co.uk' at 1&1 in 2004. And using their DNS service pointed the domain to my internet IP 83.15...
Created 28/04/07

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