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Y-2038 bug

The not so well known Y2038 bug is looming. And threatens unix timestamps.Such as...


mysql/> SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2038-01-01')

Will return "0"


print mktime(3,14,8,1,19,2038); //bool(false)

Will return nothing... make it a second earlier and it'll return 2,147,483,648

So why has this happened?

Timestamps are stored in four bytes so the maximum number of values is over 4.29 billion. For some reason it seems one of the bits is not used (perhaps signed +-) and our maximum is half of the 4.29 billion. Which can be expressed by the equation

pow(2,(8*4)-1) = 2,147,483,648

... this is the number of possible values. Since zero is a value the maximum value is thus 2,147,483,647

This range of numbers is used to give a value of the number of seconds since the epoch of 1970-01-01... so everyone knew the series would be obsolete by 2038 - unless you add another byte of course.



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