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Base64 Images

One feature i've just looked into is base64 encoded data to make icon images. Images can therefore be created by writing a line of code into a CSS documents and thus reduce the number of objects a webpage loads from a server.

    #test{background:url('') no-repeat #fee; }

<div id='test'></div>



(If not viewing from a compatible browser, this is what your missing )

Base64 is not an optimal method for especially large images - the information is 37% larger for binary data.

And once again anything < IE8 wont support  the data: protocol


Another method of reducing the number of CSS icons/sprites is to stick them all together in a single image, then use CSS to displays the part of this merged image as the sprite required (however we can't use this method for wallpapering)

Best example is here http://alistapart.com/d/sprites/ala-buttons1.html (read more on sprites)




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