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Dodgy internet companies

This Dodgy fake company Unlocksearch.com took payment from me without providing me with the service i thought i was paying for. And i've failed to get a response from the company.

On Tuesday evening i responded to their advert, "Unlock your phone today", a sponsored link on Google. I completed their form with my details, phone make/model/IMEI and they redirected me to Paypal to make the payment.... and awaited the unlock code.

What i received was just an email saying "You can phone your network provider to unlock your phone... or " .. (and this is hillarious) " you can obtain an unlock code from a website."... see transcript below.

Its not what i thought i was getting. In fact what they are doing is unscrupulous false advertising. And because its just £3.51 (£2.99+vat aka a pint), i'm sure they're raking it in and its hardly worth victims pursuing small losses.... so whats stopping anyone from providing the same service?... hell i might.

I've contacted paypal and google, and am awaiting a reply... but i'm not optimistic, paypal replied and directed me to their Resolution Center. It seems the company is  notorious in deliberatly misleading customers to part with their cash. A quick search shows many blogs of the company http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=unlocksearch.com from as far back as the start of 2008 (from what i can see). So I can only conclude that neither Paypal or google actively blocks repeat fraudsters.

What can you do?

Request a refund: Log into paypal and go to Resolution Center make a request with colourful words such as miser, charlatan, trickster, chisel and like me you may see a refund the same day.

I think in the future i will certainly spend 2minutes doing a quick search on the company. There are many consumer feedback oriented websites out there such as http://the-world-review.blogspot.com/2007/09/httpwwwunlocksearchcom.html etc...


... to read the full article please leave 10'000 unmarked bills under the large fallen tree near Parliament Hil, London.

Transcript of the email that cost me £3.51...

* Your phone:	Nokia N73
* Your country:	United Kingdom
* Your network:	T-Mobile
* Your IMEI: 	355506015171538
* T-Mobile phones are usually locked by T-Mobile
* This means they can only be used on T-Mobile
* Unlocking enables you to use any compatible network
* We have 5 different options to unlock your Nokia N73
* Keep reading to find out more...
* Choose any network, giving you freedom to use the best value provider
* Use foreign SIM cards when roaming, save on extortionate roaming costs
* Once unlocked to all networks you can sell it to anyone, and make more money
* Swap SIM cards at different times, get the best value tariff
Option 1
Unlock your phone with a T-Mobile unlock code
* Price: 		Sometimes free depending on your account status
* Difficulty: 	As easy as dialling a phone number
* Time: 		Can be instantly (dependant on T-Mobile)
 - Phone T-Mobile customer services
 - Ask for an unlock code to use foreign SIM cards in your Nokia
 - T-Mobile should be able to provide the unlock code
 - Price is dependent on your account status
 - You may need to pay the unlock code fee up front
 - Your unlock code will be sent to you either by post, email or SMS
Option 2
Unlock your phone at a local independent dealer or market stall
* Price: 		Small charge (dependant on the retailer)
* Difficulty: 	Medium
* Time: 		Instantly in store
 - Find them using your online / telephone directory
 - Ask them to unlock your Nokia N73, locked to T-Mobile in United Kingdom
 - Get your Nokia unlocked in store using special hardware
 - Ensure you back up all your settings and critical data
 - You can usually negotiate the price
 - The work can be done instantly - while you wait
Option 3
Unlock your phone with an online retailer's unlock code
* Price: 		Sometimes free (dependant on the retailer)
* Difficulty: 	As easy as dialling a phone number
* Time: 		From instantly to several weeks
 - Use a search engine to locate an online retailer 
 - Ensure they guarantee an unlock code is available
 - Order the unlock code online
 - Wait for the unlock code to arrive (can take several weeks)
 - Can be sent by email, SMS or even over the phone
Option 4
Unlock your phone with online unlock software downloads
* Price: 		Free (subject to availability)
* Difficulty: 	Can be technically challenging
* Time: 		Instant download
 - Search for the latest unlock software
 - Download & install the software
 - Software usually generates an unlock code to enter into the keypad
 - Alternatively unlock directly with the phones original USB cable
 - Get free technical support online
Option 5
Unlock your phone with your own unlock clip or unlock box 
* Price: 		Most expensive option (clips usually cheaper than boxes)
* Difficulty: 	Can be technically challenging
* Time: 		Instantly once you have the equipment
 - Use a search engine to find a suitable online retailer 
 - Search for Nokia N73 unlock clips and/or unlock box
 - Order the hardware online
 - Get free technical support on the manufacturers website
 - Option for additional paid support with many online stores
		(c)2008 Unlock Search



Yep.............just done the same, I guess you get what you pay for, in this case a little bit for nothing, have claimed through Paypall, we will see.........
Created 17/03/09

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