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COM is a Microsoft product which lets applications like PHP connect to functions like reading, editing and printing, WORD, Excel documents. However i could not find much information on it I have created this script which will read the text content of a MS Word documnet(.doc). Including text within text box. Enjoy!

View written text content of .DOC file

// Connect to COM
$word = @new COM( "word.application" ) or die( "Unable to instanciate Word" );
// open file
 // view main content
$content = $word->ActiveDocument->Content->Text;
// Get content from textboxes
for($i = 1; $i <= $word->ActiveDocument->Shapes->Count; $i++){
$content .= chr(13).$word->ActiveDocument->Shapes[$i]->TextFrame->TextRange->Text;
// Clean up content
$content = str_replace(chr(7), "", $content);

// removes table carriage returns
$content = trim($content, chr(13));

// trims n carriage returns at the start and end of doc
$content = trim($content, chr(10)); // trims n carriage returns at the start and end of doc
$content = trim($content, chr(9)); // trims t carriage returns at the start and end of doc
$content = nl2br($content); // Replace n carriage returns with breaks
// Could have instead used
str_replace(chr(13), " ", $content);
//closing word
//free the object
$word = null;
return $content;

For linux, I found some links to implement another time.


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