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Congestion - Contesta

Comunicado de la polic­a La polic­a ha investigando las causas de los accidentes de tr¡fico y ha determinando que ocurren mayormente porque los condductores no respetan las leyes del tr¡nsito:

The police is investigating the causes of the traffic accidents and is determining that they happen mainly because the conductors do not respect the laws of the transit

  • Conducern con negligencia
  • Conducern a alta velocidad
  • Conducern en estado
  • Conducern descuidando a los peatones.
  • Concerned with neglect
  • Concerned with high speed
  • COncerned with state
  • Concerned with neglecting the pedestrians

Para prevenir futuros accidentes damos las siguientes recomendationes a conductores y peatones:

In order to prevent futures accidents we give to the following recomendationes to conductors and pedestrian

Conductor: No permita el abordo de pasajeros por las puertas a la izquierda de su veh­culo. Respete las se±ales de tr¡fico. Reduzca la velocidad al pasar por parques, escuela, centros de recreaci³n infantiles, etc.

Conductor: He does not allow the attack of passengers by the doors to the left of his vehicle. Respect the traffic signals. Reduce the speed when passing by parks, school, infantile recreation centers, etc.

Peat³n: Transite siempre sobre las aceras y observe ambos lados de las calles ante de cruzar.

Pedestrian: Always journey on the sidewalks and you observe both sides of the streets before crossing.

  • What has the police been investigating?
  • What conclusions have they reached?
  • What are drivers blamed for?
  • What advice is giveb to drivers?
  • What advice is given to pedestrians?



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