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Three White and two Red hats

Alone in a prison are three prisoners and a PO. The first prisoner has perfect sight the second has near perfect vision and the third is utterly blind.

The PO has five hats three are white and two are red. He blind folds each of the prisoners and randomly puts a hat on to each of the prisoners heads.

The PO removes the blind fold of the first prisoner and say's "If you can guess the colour of the hat on your head i'll give you your freedom. But if you guess incorrectly... i'll kill you".

The first prisoner looks across the room at the other two prisoners, he then says: "No.... i cant guess."

The PO then turns to the second prisoner and removes his blind fold. The prisoner looks at the hats worn by his inmates but again says "No, i can't. I cant take the risk"

The PO is disappointed that they're not playing his sedistic game. He's almost given up, and half hartedly throws the question to the third prisoner, knowing that the prisoner is blind and has no chance. The prisoner replies "Yes. I can guess!"

He is correct, and is set free.

What colour hat was the third prisoner wearing?

How did he know?


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Created 15/10/15

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