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Using PHP in CLI - command line interface


The command line interface does not include the same modules as the web browsing version of PHP.

To check which modules

// go the root of your php executable

C:\>  cd \wamp\php 

// Check available php modules

C:\wamp\php\ > php -m 

It took me the morning to figure out why PHP-CGI could execute MySQL functions while PHP-CLI could not. Reason being PHP-CGI and PHP-CLI look for it in different locations. Popular place for both is either

C:\windows\ or C:\PHP\

 Copy the PHP.ini file into the directory with PHP.exe.... you should now type php -m and find all the usual modules are there.

PHP-CLI options

This is just function help detail if you were to type man php in Linux, or php -help in windows

Usage: php [options] [-f]  [args...]

php [options] -r code [args...]

php [options] [-- args...]

-s Display colour syntax highlighted source.

-w Display source with stripped comments and whitespace.

-f file Parse file.

-v Version number

-c path|file Look for php.ini file in this directory

-a Run interactively

-d foo[=bar] Define INI entry foo with value 'bar'

-e Generate extended information for debugger/profiler

-z file Load Zend extension file.

-l Syntax check only (lint)

-m Show compiled in modules

-i PHP information

-r code Run PHP code without using script tags <?..?>

-h This help

args... Arguments passed to script. Use -- args when first argument

starts with - or script is read from stdin

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