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What i want what i really really want... Is to sit one day and dream of a different way... a way to live without fear and reprise of events i shape and create.... the way i can know everything without adoubt and not be afraid to shout my thoughtsout... what is the way i hear you say, if its not already near then it is already the way.

... forget your self and live another, your life sucks, you say to another... but what is this all to mean when you wak up in 75 years you'll be 99 and death will not be such a sureal thought when everything you've learnt and everything you've taught will be all that remains when you've got shit for brains

And you live in a bath, with a scum line on it, you listen to the radio, even thou you dont know whats on it.... and nothing makes sense because your still on it and your useless because ypu cant see past it.