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PNG Optimization with GD library

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimization is not always easy to manage.

First off PNG is not one format but five different formats (see table)
  Bit depth per channel
indexed 1 1 2 4 8
greyscale 1 1 2 4 8 16
greyscale & alpha 2

16 32
truecolor 3

24 48
truecolor & alpha 4

32 64
  Bits per pixel

So there are 5 different types of PNG's, each with their own tradeoff between colour, alpha (transparency) and number of bits per pixel (i.e. filesize of picture)

Dont Optimize all PNG's in the same way

I've used GD library to resize many PNG's as they are required but writing a generic function to resize any of these, without treating them differently, can either lose information (e.g. transparency) or create a file unnecessarily large. Additionally a PNG file were sometimes not optimized themselves. A PNG could be saved as PNG32 (truecolor+alpha) and have just 10 colors and be better off saved as an indexed palette.

The Code

Below is some code which i've used to check what the image is. I'm assuming that you know roughly how to use the GD functions.

This is effectively the logic
  1. Is this a palette image with an Alpha Transparency?
    e.g. imagecolortransparent($i)>=0 || (ord(file_get_contents ($img, false, null, 25, 1)) & 4)
  2. Process as having an Alpha channel, but if this still has a palette we might reduce the file to use PNG8.
    e.g. if(($tc=imagecolorstotal($i))&&$tc<=256)
                           imagetruecolortopalette($d, false, $tc)
  3. Resize image
    e.g. imagecopyresampled($d, $i, 0, 0, 0, 0, $w, $h, $s[0], $s[1]);
  4. Does the PNG format support Alpha transparency
    e.g. (ord(file_get_contents ($img, false, null, 25, 1)) & 4) 
  5. Take a collection of the new image pixels and find evidence of transparency
    e.g. imagecolorsforindex($d, imagecolorat($d,$x,$y))
    Otherwise mark as palette
  6. If this is a palette image without transparency then, reduce to an indexed file.
    e.g.  imagetruecolortopalette($d, false, 256);

Code basics
* Image PNG
* Take a PNG image and create a thumbnail, maintaining alpha transparency for a png-24 image.

$m = microtime(true);

$img = "someimage.png";

// Size
$s = getimagesize( $img );

// Resize dimensions
$w = 400;
$h = round($w*($s[1]/$s[0]));

// Source
$i = imagecreatefrompng( $img );
// Destination
$d = imagecreatetruecolor($w,$h);

// if this has no alpha transparency defined as an index
// it could be a palette image??
$palette = (imagecolortransparent($i)<0);

// If this has transparency, or is defined
if(!$palette||(ord(file_get_contents ($img, false, null, 25, 1)) & 4)){
print ("Is Alpha");
// Has indexed transparent color
imagetruecolortopalette($d, false, $tc);
imagealphablending($d, false);
$alpha = imagecolorallocatealpha($d, 0, 0, 0, 127);
imagefill($d, 0, 0, $alpha);
imagesavealpha($d, true);

// Resample Image
print ("Resampling Image");
imagecopyresampled($d, $i, 0, 0, 0, 0, $w, $h, $s[0], $s[1]);

// Did the original PNG supported Alpha?
if((ord(file_get_contents ($img, false, null, 25, 1)) & 4)){
print ("Testing is there is Alpha transparency");

// we dont have to check every pixel.
// We take a sample of 2500 pixels (for images between 50X50 up to 500X500), then 1/100 pixels thereafter.
$dx = min(max(floor($w/50),1),10);
$dy = min(max(floor($h/50),1),10);

$palette = true;
$col = imagecolorsforindex($d, imagecolorat($d,$x,$y));
// How transparent until it's actually visible
// I reackon atleast 10% of 127 before its noticeable, e.g. ~13
$palette = false;
break 2;
var_dump( !$palette );

print "Converting to indexed colors";
imagetruecolortopalette($d, false, 256);

// Save file, quality=9, Add filters... although sometimes better without.
imagepng( $d, 'newpath.png', 9, PNG_ALL_FILTERS);


Please note: I've tested this on small number of PNG's with great success, but you might like to tune the settings before images are irreversibly replaced.... or back them up.


Get more information at php.net/image and read the comments which others had left, i have taken a few ideas from them to create this article but its 90% my own work.

Additionally there are some other tools to reduce PNG files.
  • The excellent "Save for Web" in Adobe Photoshop is very good and because you can see the quality you'll get better results... but its a labour intensive solution
  • PNGcrush is a linux command, albeit more of a loss-less compression tool.


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