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Sunrise Period on .EU domains

If like me you walk around in your own bubble of conceit and ignorance, You may very well get excited when you find a load of top .EU domains are "Free" the rush that comes after is hysteria. As you buy up the top names which best describes your business. And if your a SEDO freak your selfish and self serving... which is a polite (nay euphemistic) way of saying your a wanker.

Anyway the-domain-is-available.eu made me think for all of ten minutes as € 120 is a days salary effectively. Anyway it was a good domain and i dreamed away the ten minutes reinacting the battle between me and the parsimonious me.

However not realising the conditions....

  • Q: you are an EU member.... A: well, yeah sure.
  • Q: You are not a self-serving wanker... A: No i have real use for ths domain

Blaaa Blaa Blaaa, give us € 120 for administration.... OK

We'll get back to you...

Er.... oh cheers, how do i point this to my server?

The Lesson

So it turns out that the EU domain is going on a sunrise period. Effectively its a democratic method of ensuing that domain names arn't picked out by the SEDO scoundrels and abused. As legitimate companies are assesed on their use of the name, whether they own the copyright etc.... e.g. COCA COLA is a trademark of COCA-COLA and therefore the company has rights to own the domain over anyone else. Its important for the company to acquire the domain name to stop the misuse of their brand image etc... And so the sunrise period allows legitmate companys means to acquire a domain without having rush only to be beaten to the post and have to pay the sedo scoundrel exorbitant sums.

The Info

The sunrise period is broken into two halfs. First starts on the 7th of December and is a time for registered trademark users like Coca-Cola Schwepps to get their case in.

The second stage is for individuals and companys to make their claims. This starts in Febuary some time

Only after April 2006 are the domains available for anyone to buy this period is known as Land Rush and is aptly named after the great landrush of America without making indigenous people homeless.



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