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PEAR packet manager

If your running PHP on Linux you can add modules ( synomous with "extensions" under windows) And take advantage of those lovely bits of C coded additions to the standard PHP distibution like GD image manipulation for creating photo album thumbnails, or ZIP for extracting uploaded Zip files.... the list is endless... literally go to pear.php.net.

First off i'm not too sure how the packet manager got onto my computer i think it must have come with my ditribution of PHP.

Whats available

You can find a list of all extensions by typing into Shell

[CODE=shell]pear remote-list[/CODE]

The list is too large to print here.

Installing using PEAR

You can install one of the listed programs by simply typing [CODE=shell]pear install package[/CODE] Where package is an item in the aforementioned list.

You may encounter errors.

Error `phpize`

[CODE=shell] pear install zip /* what occurs next is all output from the above command */ downloading zip-1.0.tgz ... Starting to download zip-1.0.tgz (4,930 bytes) .....done: 4,930 bytes 3 source files, building running: phpize sh: phpize: command not found `phpize' failed [/CODE]. ... in this example you must install `phpize` which comes with `php-devel.i386`

Install `php-devel.i386` using.

[CODE=shell]yum install php-devel.i386[/CODE] Calling `pear install zip` again may give you the error [CODE=shell]/usr/bin/phpize: line 105: aclocal: command not found `phpize' failed[/CODE]

I read the above error is caused by the absence of automake and / or autoconf. To install these on FC4.

[CODE=shell] yum install automake [/CODE]

Error `libzzip` synonomous with `zziplib`

Running pear install zip again produced another error...

[CODE=shell | print] configure: error: Cannot find libzzip [/CODE]


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